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Luxury Real Estate means customer care

You have found the house of your dreams, that maybe needs a bit of a refresh and then you begin to ask yourselves the question as to how you are going to look after it.

Owning a luxury home abroad – or more than one, is all very well providing that you are not being kept awake by the worry of it. Your new purchase is supposed to be fun and something that you are going to ant to be able to use when you feel like it, without weeks of planning.

When you go to look at houses, think about the way in which you would use the house. Is it for weekends? Will you use it for the long summer holiday or maybe just a few days a year? How you will get there easily from home is very important, because otherwise you will end up not going. When you get there, will you want somebody to have left some lights on and mown the grass, or are you more likely to want someone there full-time who will have dinner ready? If the house has land, vines or olives maybe; how are they going to be looked after.? Who will pay the bills and the local taxes?

At Knight Frank, we have been providing these sorts of services for non-resident owners for nearly thirty years. From restoration, to decoration, lettings and estate management; we are on hand to help. So next time you go and look at property, before you sign on the dotted line, as kyourselves some of these questions, because it may not be exactly the house for you after all! 

Bill ThomsonChairman of the Knight Frank Italian network  

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